Exploring London Dentist Specializations’ Earnings

Dentistry is an attractive profession due to its job stability and high earning potential. However, not all dentists earn the same amount of money. The income earned by dentists varies depending on their specialization. The level of education, skill, experience and location also impact dentist salaries.

In London, the dental field is highly competitive, with an increasingly diverse range of specializations for practitioners to choose from. Specializations can range from pediatric, geriatric, orthodontics or endodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry and surgical interventions. Each specialization has its own requirements, challenges and rewards. These challenges and rewards translate differently into financial gain.

Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are, for instance, two of the most lucrative specializations in London. This is because they involve both technical and artistic skills that can demand a high level of expertise. Whereas oral surgeons also come out on top, as their procedures can be quite complex, requiring a high level of skill expertise and training. Whereas dental professionals who specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics or preventative care may earn slightly less. These specialists may find work easier, but in contrast to the lucrative specializations, there is certainly room for the reduced earning potential.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the comparison of the various dentist specializations in London and the average payscale each of these specializations can attract.

General Dentist

General dentists in London can make a wide range of salaries depending on several factors. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dentists in the UK earned an average salary of £68,000 in 2019. However, this can vary depending on location, experience, and type of employer.

In London specifically, the average salary for general dentists is approximately between £55,000 to £90,000 per year, again depending on the aforementioned factors. Those with more experience or higher educational degrees, such as a master’s or specialty training, may earn salaries on the higher end of this range.

Furthermore, dentists who work in private practice or own their own practice can earn significantly more than those who work in public healthcare. The potential to earn a higher salary is also dependent on other factors such as patient volume, specialization within the field, and whether the dentist works full-time or part-time.

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In conclusion, general dentists in London have the potential to earn very good salaries, ranging from £55,000 to £90,000 per year. Factors such as location, experience, type of employer, patient volume, and specialty all play a role in determining salary potential.

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Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist is a dental professional who specializes in oral care for children, starting from infants to teenagers. In London, the average salary for a pediatric dentist is around £60,000 to £90,000 per year depending on their experience, qualifications, and place of work. The salary range may vary depending on the location and type of practice, but the demand for pediatric dentists in London is ever-growing. Pediatric dentists undergo specialized training in child psychology, behavior management, and treatments that are specifically tailored for children. They provide primary care for children’s dental needs, including regular checkups, prevention of tooth decay, and treatment of oral diseases. Apart from their clinical responsibilities, pediatric dentists also educate parents and children about good oral hygiene practices.

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An orthodontist in London is a dentist who specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. An orthodontist typically earns an annual salary of £50,000 to £150,000, depending on their experience, location, and other factors. This salary range is comparable to that of general dentists in London.

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Orthodontists must complete additional training after dental school to become specialists in the field. They may work in private practice or for the National Health Service (NHS), and may also teach and conduct research.

While London is known for its high cost of living, dentists in the city can take advantage of carpooling to save money on commuting. One way to get out of London congestion charge is by carpooling with others. This can help dentists reduce their travel expenses and avoid the fees associated with driving in the city center during peak times.

Overall, orthodontists in London can expect to earn a competitive salary while providing specialized dental care to their patients.

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An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in dealing with the dental pulp and tissues within the root of a tooth. As of 2021, the average salary for a dentist in London is around £ seventy thousand per annum, and this includes endodontists as well. However, the precise salary of an endodontist in London may differ, depending on various factors such as experience, skills, qualifications, and the type of dental practice they work for.

For instance, an endodontist who runs his or her dental practice in Central London may earn more than one who works in suburban areas. Similarly, endodontists with additional qualifications or years of experience may be able to negotiate higher salaries with their employers or dental practices.

Moreover, the type of dental practice a dentist works for can also affect their salaries. Endodontists who work in private practices may typically earn more than those who work in public or National Health Service (NHS) practices. However, the latter may have additional benefits such as pension schemes, paid vacations, and healthcare provisions.

In conclusion, endodontists in London can earn a substantial salary, but it varies depending on several factors. However, their specialization in a particular area of dentistry means that they are in demand and have opportunities for professional growth and financial stability.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry that deals with improving the aesthetics of a person’s teeth, gums and bite. In London, cosmetic dentists are trained to offer a wide range of services, such as teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and orthodontic treatments like Invisalign.

The average salary of a cosmetic dentist in London depends on a range of factors, such as experience, skill level, qualifications, and the location of the dental practice. On average, a cosmetic dentist in London makes around £60,000 to £100,000 per year. However, those who are just starting out can expect to earn a lower annual salary of around £30,000 to £40,000.

In addition to their salary, cosmetic dentists in London may also receive bonuses, commissions or profit-sharing possibilities, depending on their performance and the size of the dental practice. They may also be offered benefits like medical insurance, pension plans or paid time off.

Overall, cosmetic dentistry is a rewarding and lucrative field for dental professionals in London who are passionate about helping people achieve a beautiful smile. With high demand for cosmetic dentists in urban areas like London, it is a good career choice for dentists who want to specialize in a certain area of practice and earn a competitive salary.


A prosthodontist is a type of dentist who specializes in restoring the function and appearance of missing or damaged teeth using prosthetic devices such as dental implants, dentures, and bridges. In London, the average annual salary for a prosthodontist is around £102,000. However, this figure can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and type of practice.

Prosthodontists often spend several years in postgraduate training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to provide advanced dental care. They work closely with other dental professionals such as general dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists to create customized treatment plans for patients with complex dental issues.

In addition to providing restorative dental care, prosthodontists also help patients maintain good oral health by offering preventive services such as cleanings, exams, and oral cancer screenings. They also play an important role in educating patients about proper oral hygiene and care.

Overall, prosthodontists are highly skilled dental professionals who provide essential services to patients with missing or damaged teeth. With a competitive salary and a growing demand for their expertise, prosthodontics is a rewarding and fulfilling career path for dentists in London.

Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons are dental professionals who specialize in surgical procedures that involve the mouth, teeth, and jaw. In London, dentists who choose to specialize as oral surgeons typically earn a higher salary than their general dentist counterparts. According to salary data for London dentists provided by payscale.com, the average salary for an oral surgeon is around £70,000 per year. This figure can vary depending on a range of factors, such as level of experience, location, and the size of the practice. Dentists who work in private practices or are self-employed may also earn a higher salary due to the potential for greater earning potential.

In terms of job outlook, oral surgeons are in high demand in London and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Factors such as an aging population and increased awareness of oral health are contributing to the growing need for dental professionals, including oral surgeons. As with other medical professions, oral surgeons typically undergo rigorous training and education, including a residency program, before becoming fully qualified. However, the potential for a high salary and job security can make this career path an attractive option for those who are passionate about the field of dentistry.

Public Health Dentist

Public health dentists play a crucial role in improving the oral health of the community. They usually work in government or community health centers, providing dental services and education programs to the underserved populations. In London, public health dentists’ salaries vary depending on their experience and qualifications. According to the 2021 figures by the National Health Service (NHS), the starting salary for a public health dentist in London is around £38,890 per year. With additional experience and responsibilities, this figure can rise up to £60,984 per year.

It’s worth noting that these figures are just a rough estimate, and the actual salary depends on various factors like the employer, the dentists’ experience, and the job’s location. London is undoubtedly the place to be if you’re looking for an exciting nightlife; however, whether it’s a good place to live is subjective.

In conclusion, public health dentists in London receive a decent salary that is relatively higher than general dental practitioners’ salary. However, public health dentists usually work in remote areas and focus on low-income populations that need oral health care the most. Therefore, their job satisfaction isn’t necessarily linked to their salary but rather the impact they have on the community.

Maxillofacial Surgeon.

A Maxillofacial surgeon is a dental specialist who performs surgical procedures on the face, head, and neck region. In London, dentists can become Maxillofacial surgeons by obtaining additional training in maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial Surgeons typically earn a higher salary than general dentists.

In London, the average salary for a general dentist is around £50,000 to £70,000 per year. However, Maxillofacial surgeons can earn significantly more than this figure. An entry-level Maxillofacial surgeon can expect to earn between £80,000 to £100,000 per year, while experienced Maxillofacial surgeons can earn up to £250,000 per year. The salary of a Maxillofacial surgeon may vary depending on their level of experience, the type of surgery they specialize in, their employer, and the location of their practice.

In conclusion, Maxillofacial surgery is a highly specialized field within dentistry that involves performing complex surgical procedures on the face, head, and neck region. Maxillofacial Surgeons in London can earn significantly higher salaries than general dentists due to their advanced training and expertise.

Extra Thoughts

In conclusion, dentists in London have an average annual salary of around £80,000 to £90,000. However, this can vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and location of the clinic. Generally, dentists with more experience and qualifications tend to earn higher salaries, while those working in larger clinics or in affluent areas may also earn more due to higher patient demand and higher fees charged by the clinic.

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The cost of living in London is also higher than many other cities, meaning that dentists may need to factor this into their salary expectations. Additionally, private practice dentists may earn more than those working in the NHS, although this can depend on various factors including location, patient base, and fees charged.

It’s worth noting that while dentists in London may earn a good salary, the job can come with its own challenges and stresses. Running a successful dental practice requires not only clinical skills but also business acumen and people skills to manage staff and patients effectively. Additionally, dentists may face high levels of pressure and responsibility, particularly when dealing with complex cases or patients with dental phobias.

Overall, a career as a dentist in London can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling, but requires dedication, hard work, and ongoing professional development to succeed. Like any profession, there are pros and cons to consider, and it’s important to weigh up these factors carefully before embarking on a career in dentistry.